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17 hours 32 min
The General Assembly passed Fix the Fund. Now it’s up to voters in November.Educators rallied at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis before marching to Fix the...
17 hours 39 min
A strong school community values accountability and self-worth.Ian Pope is an alternative education paraprofessional and coach of the junior varsity...
17 hours 40 min
“I never envisioned that I would leave my beloved eighth graders, but … ”Annie Mewborn is a ninth grade English teacher at Easton High School and...
17 hours 43 min
What do a fishing rod, a bushel basket, and train whistle have to do with fifth grade anyway?Beth Roe is a fifth grade teacher at St. Leonard...
17 hours 44 min
“I’m making the most of every opportunity.”Denise Lee, Howard County, at MSEA’s ESP Conference.Empowerment was more than a buzzword at MSEA’s ESP...
17 hours 45 min
The backers of the Janus case see it as one more way to chip, chip, chip away at unions.Montgomery County kindergarten teacher Kember Kane speaks to...
17 hours 47 min
“We need a constitutional amendment to make sure casino funds are dedicated to enriching school funding.”MSEA President Betty WellerSince casinos...
17 hours 50 min
“Our students are looking to us to take care of them. And they have every right to expect that we will.”We believe the preliminary Kirwan Commission...
17 hours 50 min
We believe students deserve — and communities should demand — a Maryland promise that delivers safe schools.A sign at MSEA’s march to Fix the Fund on...
17 hours 52 min
A word from the legal team about taking a stand.iStock PhotoEducator activism — locally and across the country — is building for safer schools,...


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