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And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetFiscal Year 2019 Maryland Budget (photo credit: Erin Cox, Baltimore Sun)THIS WEEK IN...
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And other start of session updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetThe sun rises over the State House on opening day of the General Assembly SessionOPENING...
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Hint: Think $2.9 billion in annual school underfunding on his watch.Photo from Governor’s Office.On Monday morning, Gov. Hogan held a positively...
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ESP jobs have declined while district leader and supervisor jobs have grown at 10 times the rate of teacher positions.Photo © Stephen CherrySchools...
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Meet six MSEA activists tackling student poverty, class size, educator salaries, and more.This is our moment — if we are to be successful in our work...
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Compassion fatigue is real, rampant, and often unacknowledged.A new work-life survey from the American Federation of Teachers and the Badass Teachers...
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Tech lover and Frederick County language arts teacher Alia Knight-Dahl makes room for deeper learning in her blended classroom.Alia-Kinght Dahl is a...
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An interview with 2017–18 Maryland Teacher of the Year Josh Carroll.© Stephen CherryThe 2017–18 Maryland Teacher of the Year is Josh Carroll, a STEM...
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“An activist from the heart.”Howard County nurse and community activist Mary Stein is MSEA’s ESP of the Year.“An activist from the heart” is how one...
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2014 National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb inspires at MSEA’s Early Career Educator Summit.Early career educators Richard Warren Jr., John Wombach...


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November/December 2013 ActionLine

Learn how to develop high-quality SLOs, read about MSDE's education reform implementation failures, and discover fun facts about MSEA's endorsed candidates Anthony Brown and Ken Ulman in this issue of ActionLine

September/October 2013 ActionLine

Get ready for the 2013 MSEA Convention and the upcoming MSEA elections. Take a closer look at Career and Technology Education programs from across the state, and learn more about MSEA’s push for a MSA moratorium in this issue of ActionLine.

June/July 2013 ActionLine

Check out this year's tell-all scorecard and see how your legislators voted on education issues. More information on your evaluation and common core can also be found in this edition of ActionLine

March/April 2013 ActionLine

Take a step back in time to see how the demographics of Maryland's teachers have changed in the past 20 years, find out more about our run-off election candidates, and learn more about the NEA ESP of the Year in this issue of ActionLine

January/February 2013 ActionLine

This issue features an infographic on school funding, an article on local anti-bullying efforts, and the 2013 election guide.