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6 days 19 hours
Hogan’s education privatization agenda fails to gain tractionHogan tried to advance the Betsy DeVos agenda of cutting public school funding and...
1 week 2 days
And other end of session updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetAt midnight, the balloons and confetti dropped in the House chamber and the 438th General...
1 week 5 days
But it’s not law yet — it still has to pass on the 2018 ballot(Photo © Stephen Cherry)Maryland is one step closer to keeping its original promise to...
1 week 6 days
And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetMSEA President Betty Weller, MSEA Vice President (and President-Elect) Cheryl Bost, and former...
2 weeks 6 days
And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetSource: WikipediaTHIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLISNew Financial Commitments and Streamlining of the School...
3 weeks 3 days
Students team up with educators and parents to Fix the FundThis past weekend, the March for Our Lives rallies across the country presented profound...
3 weeks 6 days
And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetPhoto © Randall PikeTHIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLISWe Marched, They VotedOn Monday night, more than a...
1 month 4 days
Find out why they’re all headed to Annapolis.SARAH TEETS, Garrett CountyI’m marching to make sure the governor knows that the money from gambling was...
1 month 4 days
And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetTHIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLISMaryland Senate Poised to Pass the Fix the Fund Constitutional...
1 month 5 days
Ready to march? It’s almost time for the big day.This Monday, 1,500+ educators will make their way to Annapolis to March to Fix the Fund. We’ll be...


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November/December 2014 ActionLine

Too many tests mean lost time and lost learning opportunities. When will it end? MSEA delegates vote to suspend the KRA and PARCC graduation testing. Meet school counselor Reba Miller and choir director Keith Roberts.

September/October 2014 ActionLine

Find out why Anthony Brown is MSEA’s choice for governor. Take a look at the bottom line on delivering the PARCC Assessment to Maryland’s students. Meet four Maryland teachers who are taking back their profession and running for office. Get the details on MSEA’s 2015 election, plus the forms you need to become a candidate for MSEA office.

June/July 2014 ActionLine

Meet member Brittany German and discover how chickens, sheep, and an Intel companion camera fit into the curriculum at Crellin Elementary. Sean McComb (2014 National Teacher of the Year) and Maria Lorena Grewe (Washington County) share classroom tips. Plus, MSEA endorses Anthony Brown, General Assembly wrap up, teacher/author Katherine Moore debuts her first children’s book, and more. To view the digital version, click here

March/April 2014 ActionLine

Check out the latest edition with premium ActionLine content featuring a cover story on your LGBTQ—lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning—students and colleagues. You’ll find interviews, a glossary of LGBTQ terms, and plenty of resources. 

January/February 2014 ActionLine

Learn how creating IEPs for special education students is changing under new reforms, plus news and updates on MSEA and local reform efforts. Meet members Porsche Vaderhorst and Rebecca Rementer.