MSEA Convention

Thank you to all the delegates, members, and attendees who made the 2017 MSEA Convention a success!

Click here to check out the top 10 moments at the 2017 MSEA Convention. To see a list of passed New Business Items (NBIs), click here. Quarterly updates on NBIs will be posted on this page.

Looking for videos from this year's Convention? Click here to watch our playlist of 2017 Convention videos.

Delegates to the Fall Representative Assembly are also delegates to the Spring Representative Assembly, which will be held on April 14, 2018 in Ellicott City. Next year's MSEA Convention and Representative Assembly is planned for October 19-20, 2018. Keep checking this page for updates, workshop offerings, and special events.

Bylaw Amendments

If you are interested in submitting a bylaw amendment at a future Convention, please use this blank form and this sample bylaw amendment for reference.

What Is a Representative Assembly?

If you have ever wondered exactly what it is that delegates do, then click here for a quick overview

Thank you to California Casualty for being a sponsor of the 2017 MSEA Convention.