ESP Professional Development Day 2017

April 29, 2017 - 8:30am to 3:30pm

Education Support Professionals are inseparable partners with teachers in helping to need the needs of whole student the success in public schools. And, MSEA believes that professional development should be required throughout the career of education support professionals. Professional development programs should provide equal opportunities for these employees to gain and improve the knowledge and skills important to their positions and job performance. These programs should assure that appropriate education employees have a decisive voice at every stage of planning, implementation, and evaluation.  

“Education Support Professionals are often the first and last school employees to see students in the school community. Through their various careers they touch the lives of students and ensure student safety and well being. The MSEA ESP Professional Development Conference is designed to provide professional development opportunities for participants to help them gain the skills they need to: build stronger locals, build strong internal and external relationships, organize members, and influence the creation of professional development activities for ESP at the local level.” - MSEA President Betty Weller

We hope to see you at the Annual MSEA ESP Professional Development Day Conference. It is all about Respect: Today and Everyday!

Session Descriptions

SESSION I (2-hours)

ASSERTIVENESS and COMMUNICATION SKILLS:Glen Galante, Executive Director of ESPBC and TABCO. This session will focus on helping members achieve the right balance between their needs and those of others by learning to be more assertive in communicating with others. Assertive behavior is standing up for your own rights in a way that does not violate the rights of someone else. Participants will focus on these skills: Assessing their present level of assertiveness and identifying passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior. 

GRANT WRITING 101:Cathy Perry, MSEA Assistant Executive Director. Discover the grants available to locals to help strengthen, build and maintain membership capacity. Learn how to write a comprehensive description of plans and proposed activities, and which grant is the best choice for your local initiative. Other topics covered will included basic criteria, required documentation and deadlines.

MICROSOFT WORD for BEGINNERS:Helen Wilkerson & Keion Dorsey, Anne Arundel County ParaEducators.This introduction is designed to familiarize participants with terminology, screen components and the most commonly used functions offered by Microsoft Word.
This presentation will include:

  •  An overview for creating a basic flier 
  • Edit and format text/characters/paragraphs and linking Microsoft Word to One Note
  • Identify the main components of the user interface
  • Identify the purpose of the commands on the menu bar 
  • Perform basic tasks by using a word processor 

SESSION II (2-hours)

WORKPLACE BULLYLING ABCs - AVOIDING BEHAVIORS that COULD COST: Damon R. Felton, Esq. & Jamie L. Sapia, Esq., MSEA Associate Counsel. MSEA frequently gets legal questions from members. One of the more common topics is dealing with workplace bullying. Come to this session to have your questions answered and learn about other issues dealing with professional responsibility. Do you know what court cases commonly affect educators? Do you know what you should do and not do if confronted with false student allegations? Employee discipline? Do you know your legal responsibility when handling school funds? We'll address these questions and more in this session.

ParaEDUCATOR/TEACHER RELATIONSHIPS in the CLASSROOM: Elaine Crawford, MSEA UniServ Director. Explore the ParaEducator/Teacher relationship in the classroom and develop an understanding of diverse styles, knowledge of effective approaches to communication and dialogue, awareness of critical aspects and stages of team relationships, and the ability to deal with issues in ways that will effectively strengthen and sustain the relationship. 

TIME to CIRCLE UP!: Robin McNair, Certified Restorative Practices Trainer; high school English teacher; PGCEA member. In this restorative practices session, participants will experience the dynamics of the Circle Process. Rituals, elements of circle, and rounds will be explored. Participants will participate in two types of circles. Participants will walk away with information on the circle process and information on how to become a trained circle keeper. This is an advanced session - participants should have attended an introductory restorative practices session earlier today or at prior MSEA events. 

ALL DAY SESSION (4-hours) MSEA UniServ, Seleste Odewole, MSEA UniServ, Sean McKillop
Organizing is a now a consistent buzzword in MSEA. What is organizing? How do we do it? What are the benefits of organizing at my local? Organizing is more than the latest buzzword; it is the way of the future. Learn how to organize your members, hear case studies of what works and discover how to identify strong leaders. Organizing empowers members, which lead to stronger associations. Find out your role in the world of organizing in your local association.  

Note: Seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. It is possible you may be placed in your second choice.

Questions? Contact Please note this conference is for MSEA members only. If you are not yet a member and would like to attend, contact the local association in the county where you work for more information on how to become a member.

Registration for this event can be found by clicking on the link below.

EXTENDED:  Registration for the ESP Professional Development Workshop has been extended to April 20. 


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