The MSEA Student Education Association provides important skill- and leadership-building opportunities that help prepare aspiring educators for a successful career in public education. As a student member of MSEA and NEA, you always know that the power of the largest education association is behind you every step of the way.

Networking with experienced education professionals and attending workshops and trainings are just a few of the ways early membership in a professional association can help jump start your career. Navigating the education world as you look for and sign on to your first job can be challenging. MSEA provides you the opportunities, trainings, resources, and guidance you need to make the transition from student to teacher.

Trying to decide where in Maryland you’d like to teach? Need help navigating your contract? MSEA is here for you!

Resources for Students

MSEA-Student Advisory Council
MSEA has established a Student Advisory Council (SAC) consisting of 7 elected student members. The SAC positions are for a 1-year term, beginning August 1, 2014 and ending July 31, 2015. If you are interested in running for the SAC, you must complete the nomination form and return it no later than April 25, 2014 by email to kanderson@mseanea.orgClick here to fill out the nomination and intent form

Student Membership Application Form
Click on the link above to apply for student membership. 

$20 Dues Rebate After Graduation
During your first year of teaching and regular NEA membership, you'll be eligible to receive a rebate of $20 for each year you were a student member. Download the rebate form here. 

Student Program Handbook for Local Leaders 

Grants and Programs for NEA Student Members

NEA Student Program CREATE Grants
CREATE Grants are chapter and/or statewide community service projects that positively promote the NEA Student Program through strategies designed to enhance public education, increase advocacy and outreach to communities; support younger educators involvement in the Association; and supports the development of innovative approaches to engagement. CREATE grants will be awarded for projects that align with one or more of the core values of the NEA Student Program: Teacher Quality (up to $3,000), Community Outreach (up to $3,000), and Political Action (up to $2,000). For more information, please click here.

MSEA Grant
MSEA local association presidents and UniServ directors can apply for this grant and may receive up to $1000 to create or enhance existing student program activities or projects.

MSEA Student Advisor Incentive
MSEA Student Program Student Advisors can apply for a $100 stipend to support their student program activities throughout the year. Eligible chapters must have 25 or more members.