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"Blueprint for maryland's Future"

THIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLIS Blueprint Becomes Law, to Transform Education, Establish Equity After years of educator-led advocacy, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is law and our students will benefit from a more adequate, equitable, and targeted funding formula that will improve the lives and schools of a generation of Marylanders. An overwhelming majority of the […]

THIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLIS Educators Get Blueprint Close to Finish Line As soon as next week, lawmakers could take the votes to finally pass the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, the once-in-a-generation education reform. Early on in session, the House of Delegates special ordered an override of the governor’s veto to this coming Monday, February 8. […]

Click here to thank legislators for their past support of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and ask them to override Gov. Hogan’s veto of the Blueprint when the General Assembly next convenes. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, the legislation passed in March with overwhelming bipartisan support, is designed to lift up every child in every […]

“Today represents a very significant step in our efforts to create lasting educational equity and a fairer and more prosperous future for our state. These recommendations are a pathway to expanding career and technical education programs, hiring more educators, increasing educator pay, and more equitably funding our public schools. We look forward to working with […]

Baltimore County teacher and MSEA President Cheryl Bost on the Maryland State Board of Education’s selection of Dr. Carey Wright as Maryland’s next state superintendent: “We look forward to working with Dr. Wright as she becomes Maryland’s next superintendent of schools. We’ve appreciated the opportunity to build the foundations of a good working relationship with […]

THIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLIS Moore’s Budget Goals Connected to Fully Funded Blueprint On Wednesday, Gov. Wes Moore presented a $63.1 billion fiscal year 2025 budget, Senate Bill 360/House Bill 350, that fully funds the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and further underscores his commitment to education. Moore said his budget is designed to make Maryland safer, […]

THIS MONTH IN ANNAPOLIS 200th Edition of Up the Street As this 200th edition of Up the Street goes to press, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the importance of communicating legislative information and building a network of readers and activists who can use that information to improve outcomes for their profession, students, families, and […]

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is a multi-billion dollar investment in Maryland schools that gives opportunity, hope, and promise to all Maryland students, no matter what they look like, where they come from, or who their family is. The Blueprint is an education plan for the benefit of all Marylanders—it will lift families in marginalized […]

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future brings with it not just transformative new levels of funding, but new accountability structures to make sure that funding goes where it should through the new Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB). MSEA is proud to have Presi­dent Cheryl Bost recently appoint­ed by House Speaker Adrienne Jones to serve on the […]