MSEA’s president, vice president, and treasurer are Maryland public educators elected by their fellow MSEA members to lead the association. Each officer may be elected to two consecutive three-year terms.


Cheryl Bost

(443) 433-3677

Vice President

Theresa Mitchell Dudley

(443) 433-3673


Joseph Coughlin

(410) 627-9155

Executive Director

Sean Johnson

(443) 433-3632

Executive Assistant

Maura Taylor

(443) 433-3675

Administrative Assistant

Cory Waller

(443) 433-3683

Center for Affiliates and Advocacy

The Center for Affiliates and Advocacy coordinates the work of MSEA’s field staff or UniServ Directors, who assist local affiliates in contract negotiations and enforcement and local organizing efforts. The Center’s staff also conducts trainings for members through the Center for Professional Learning, produce research, and develop organizing efforts for education support professional and aspiring educator members.

Assistant, Center for Affiliates and Advocacy

Chelsea Akibo-Betts

(443) 433-3623

Managing Director

Josh Ardison

(443) 433-3650

Organizational Specialist, Equity Organizer

Tina Dove

(443) 433-3637


Daniel Gottheimer

(443) 433-3660

Assistant, Center for Affiliates and Advocacy

Mary Lancaster

(443) 433-3674

ESP Organizing Specialist

Sean McKillop

(443) 433-3644

Assistant Executive Director

Cathy Perry

(443) 433-3649

Organizational Specialist

Beth Ramey

(443) 433-3658

Administrative Assistant

Yusuan Smithson

(443) 433-3636

Managing Director

Paula Voelker

(443) 433-3653

Center for Public Affairs

The Center for Public Affairs is composed of the Government Relations Department and the Communications Department. Government Relations staff help implement MSEA’s legislative program in Annapolis and also coordinate MSEA’s political work, including campaign development, PAC fundraising, and political organizing. Communications staff develop and coordinate internal and external communications efforts to inform, educate, and advocate on behalf of Maryland educators, students, and public schools.

Organizer, Political and Legislative Affairs

Dan Chambers

(443) 433-3646

Organizer, Political and Legislative Affairs

Joia Clevinger

(443) 433-3642

Organizational Specialist, Campaigns and Elections

Meighan Davis

(443) 433-3640

Assistant, Communications

Rhea Frye

(443) 433-3643

Electronic Communications Specialist

Gabrielle Givens

(443) 433-3635

Assistant Executive Director

Adam Mendelson

(443) 433-3630

Press Secretary and Policy Research Specialist

Patti Mullins

(443) 433-3684

Organizational Specialist, Publications

Casey Newton

(443) 433-3631

Assistant, Government Relations

Delese Spriggs

(443) 433-3634

Organizational Specialist, Lobbyist

Lauren Lamb

(301) 310-2715

Managing Director, Political and Legislative Affairs

Samantha Zwerling

(443) 433-3676

Center for Legal Affairs

MSEA attorneys provide legal services and advice to members, to MSEA governing bodies, and to local associations on the full range of individual employment related matters as well as collective bargaining, business operations, and internal elections.

General Counsel

Kristy Anderson

(443) 433-3665

Associate Counsel

Damon Felton

(443) 433-3670

Executive Assistant

Jana Rossetto-Kennedy

(443) 433-3668

Assistant Counsel

Jamie Sapia

(443) 433-3664

Center for Business, Policy, and Operations

The Center for Business Policy and Operations includes the areas of accounting, payroll, membership services, property management, and information technology.


Caro Aliangan

(443) 433-3688


Jacqueline Blue

(443) 433-3679

Membership Assistant

Kristy Colvin

(443) 433-3627

Accounting Clerk

Braden Dauer

(443) 433-3612

Membership Assistant

Mary Kay Foley

(433) 433-3655

IT Help Desk

Lauren Hughes

(443) 433-3616

Managing Director, Human Resources

Bernadette Joe Maddox

(443) 433-3685

Benefits Administrator

Patrick Marshall

(443) 433-3678

Membership Specialist

Carole Masciarelli

(443) 433-3611

Information Technology/Network Specialist

Clayton Rutkauskas

(443) 433-3614

Membership Assistant

Erin Sakalas

(443) 433-3654

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Wilkerson

(443) 433-3672

Center for Education Policy and Practice

Assistant Executive Director

Geraldine Duval

(443) 433-3641

Education Policy Specialist

Deborah Euzebio

(443) 433-3652

Assistant, Center for Education Policy and Practice

Rebeca Fortiz

(443) 433-3633

Education Policy Specialist

Queen Nwafor

(443) 433-3657

Organizational Development Specialist

Evan West

(240) 405-9652

Organizational Development Specialist

Danielle Jones

(410) 263-6600