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And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetCommission Chair Brit Kirwan interviewed by WBAL-TV this week.THIS WEEK IN ANNAPOLISKirwan...
2 months 2 days
And other legislative updates in MSEA’s Up the StreetGov. Hogan fields questions from reporters during the first week of session. (Photo credit:...
2 months 3 days
We can win a billion dollars in new school funding, a 3% raise, and more during this legislative sessionWith the news right before the holidays that...
2 months 1 week
Our fight to end the underfunding of our schools kicks into a higher gearOPENING DAY IN ANNAPOLISThe 439th Maryland General Assembly session convened...
3 months 1 day
Our Kids Can’t WaitMSEA Calls for a March for Our SchoolsTHE LATEST FROM THE KIRWAN COMMISSIONMSEA Urges Faster Action as Legislative Leaders Signal...
3 months 1 week
Who decides where the money goes?You probably read about students freez­ing in Baltimore City schools when more than one-third of the city’s schools...
3 months 1 week
Students, parents, and educators create a new group to get to the heart of the matterMatias Meza shares concerns about cyberbullying at a PESO...
3 months 1 week
“The students on the bus quickly became MY kids!”Lisa Brashears is a 29-year veteran bus driver for the Frederick County Public Schools.“Without us...
3 months 1 week
“Rating schools doesn’t improve them; educators and parents in their communities do.”MSEA President Cheryl BostOn December 4, I sat before the State...
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Casino revenues will finally go to increasing funding for public schoolsMSEA’s Apple Ballot took center stage as hundreds of educators distributed...


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Print Edition

June/July 2016 ActionLine

Someone has to take a stand.” Learn how Maryland kindergarten teachers took a stand against the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment when it interfered with essential instructional time. Discover how Ruthie the dog brought curriculum to life in an Allegany County elementary school? Read how to build a reflective practice with an end-of-the-year review. 

March/April 2016 ActionLine

One school in Prince George’s County is helping immigrant students thrive. MSEA’s testing campaign reached more than 1,000,000 Marylanders. MSEA is addressing new teacher induction issues. Learn more about equity literacy and how you can make a difference in your students’ success with culturally relevant instruction. ESPs scored a big victory from the Court of Appeals. Focus on educators from Dorchester and St. Mary’s counties. 

January/February 2016 ActionLine

Meet seven young activists who are setting the tone of 21st-century public education activism. MSEA meets the state commission and makes eight common sense recommendations for testing sanity. Learn more about the Friedrichs v California Teachers Association. Retirees take off in Baltimore and Charles counties.