Elections & Nominations

MSEA’s 2020 Elections

Online voting for MSEA’s 2020 elections ran from January 27-February 21. The results are posted below. Members voted for candidates for National Education Association (NEA) Director (1 seat), MSEA Board of Directors (4 seats), MSEA Treasurer, and delegates to the 2020 NEA RA in Atlanta. Retired members also voted in the election for the Retired Advisory Council (2 seats).

The results of the 2020 MSEA Elections are as follows:

NEA Director

The results of the 2020 NEA Director Run-off Election are as follows:

Erika Strauss Chavarria | 1453
Linda McLaughlin | 1295


Joe Coughlin | 6775
Total Write-Ins | 59

MSEA Board of Directors

Michelle Alexander | 3390
Colleen Morris | 2967
Philimena Owona | 2891
Donna Christy | 2860
Linda Firman | 2835
Jennifer Martin | 2789
Robin Beers | 2634
Heather Goodhart | 2397
Neil Becker | 2329
Averill Malone | 782
Total Write-ins | 74

NEA Regional Delegates

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At-Large Delegates

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MSEA Retired Advisory Council and MSEA Retired Delegates

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Retired Delegates – 2020 MSEA RA

Azalene Bell

Dianne Antonielli

Jane Linton

Leah Batts

Audrey Robinson

Terry Klazer

Ann Singletary

Barb Johnson

Betty Coleman

Patricia Brown

Norma Martof

Ora Johnson

Ted Fedders

Dorina Strickland

Twana Warrick-Bell

Grace James

Cheryl Vouvoulas

Gloria Collins

Jane Sacks

Julia VanHook

Laura Dinu

Elizabeth Ray

Dierdre Ray

Donzella Parker Bert

Brenda Wilson

Annie Foster

Steve Yeash

Aspiring Educator Delegates – 2020 MSEA RA

Avonda Lambert

Molly Flook