MSEA Aspiring Educators Program

The Aspiring Educators program is dedicated to preparing aspiring educators to lead in the classroom and in their community. This won’t be easy. Simply put, educators do not receive the respect that they deserve for the incredible work that they do every day. MSEA is here to make sure you receive the respect you deserve for the sacrifices you make.

MSEA members at colleges and universities across Maryland are speaking up on issues that impact current teachers, aspiring educators, and students. They’re talking to friends, classmates, and their networks about the issues facing public education and pushing communities, legislators, and their schools to act.

The result is a program that is student-led and student-driven, providing aspiring educators with tools, resources, and a network that extends beyond the classroom.

Our Core Values

  • Professional Development—providing opportunities for training, networking, and mentorship
  • Community Engagement—serving students and community members in need
  • Issue Advocacy—advocating for solutions to problems that impact public education

Join Us

The MSEA Aspiring Educators Program is one of the few pre-professional organizations that follows its members into their careers. 

Click here to join! 

Once you fill out the application form and pay your membership dues, you become a member of:

  • Your campus chapter
  • MSEA Aspiring Educators Statewide Program
  • Maryland State Education Association
  • National Education Association

Each organization provides different opportunities and resources. Together, they provide a comprehensive experience for our members. 

If you are interested in getting more involved on your campus, become a member and contact us at for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

$20 Dues Rebate After Graduation
During your first year of teaching and regular NEA membership, you'll be eligible to receive a rebate of $20 for each year you were a student member. Download the rebate form here. 

General Resources

  1. Membership Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Liability Insurance Information

Chapter Resources

  1. Member Recruitment Flyer
  2. MSEA AE Statewide Event Calendar
  3. Student Program Handbook for Local Leaders

Grants and Programs for NEA Student Members

NEA Student Program CREATE Grants
CREATE Grants are chapter and/or statewide community service projects that positively promote the NEA Student Program through strategies designed to enhance public education, increase advocacy and outreach to communities; support younger educators involvement in the Association; and supports the development of innovative approaches to engagement. CREATE grants will be awarded for projects that align with one or more of the core values of the NEA Student Program: Teacher Quality (up to $3,000), Community Outreach (up to $3,000), and Political Action (up to $2,000). For more information, please click here.


Summer Leadership Conference

July 16, 2019 - 1:00pm to July 19, 2019 - 12:00pm

Racial Justice in Education Workshop

August 12, 2019 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

MSEA Convention