MSEA President Cheryl Bost on the Legacy of Speaker Busch

April 8, 2019

A Note on Mr. Speaker

"First and foremost, the MSEA family is heartbroken for Speaker Busch’s wife, Cindy, daughters Erin and Megan, and three sisters, Laurie, Gail, and Susan. Our thoughts are with them as they mourn the loss of their husband, father, and brother, in addition to his extended family and friends. 

"It is hard to imagine how Annapolis will even function without Speaker Busch presiding over the House of Delegates. He is such an institution. He has earned this ultimate status in public service through hard-fought legislative victories on the bay, health care, marriage equality, and many others highlighted in press accounts and social media posts that are beginning to enshrine his memory.

"Of course, for us as public school educators, we are most proud of his leadership on education. As a history teacher, coach, and youth athletics director, the Speaker inspired future generations in classrooms, on playing fields, and on the House floor. He has been a natural mentor. He translated that energy into legislation and budgets that propelled our public schools to the top of the country, especially in delivering the funding needed to implement the Thornton Bridge to Excellence funding formula and secure generation-shaping advances in school construction. He led the General Assembly in fighting against the school privatization movement that left public schools in dire condition in much of the rest of the country. 

"The Speaker’s legacy has been built in the laws he helped craft. But in many ways, it’s how he went about creating that positive change that means much more. He’s not known as 'Coach' just because he was literally a coach—it’s because everything he did was about benefitting the team and bringing people along. We live in a time that is increasingly driven by individual success. But not Speaker Busch. He never forgot that his district sent him to Annapolis and always looked for ways to make his corner of the Earth just a little bit stronger. He elevated the most diverse leadership team Maryland has ever seen. The people’s  Speaker, he promoted the will of the House just as passionately as if it was his own.

"He will be missed dearly. But he now lives on in our collective understanding of leadership and all it means, and in the many generations who grow up in a better Maryland because of his public service. Thank you, Mr. Speaker."

-MSEA President Cheryl Bost


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