What is an Annual Representative Assembly?

More than 600 delegates representing MSEA’s 74,000 members will gather October 18-19, 2019, to carry out the annual business of the association. The representative assembly (RA) takes place at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what delegates do at the RA, here’s a brief Q&A.

Who are your local association delegates? 
Your local association delegates to MSEA’s representative assembly (RA) are your colleagues, elected by members in your local to represent you at MSEA’s most important annual event. The RA discusses and votes on proposed bylaw amendments, new business items, and resolutions that delegates present for debate from the RA floor. 

How can you become a delegate at the MSEA RA? 
Contact your local association to learn more about becoming a delegate candidate in your next local election. 

What else happens at the RA? 
Delegates will hear from MSEA leaders and top education policymakers; introduce, debate, and vote on MSEA new business items, resolutions, and bylaw amendments that help guide the association's activities and engagement in education issues; and make endorsements. 

What’s a bylaw amendment? 
MSEA’s bylaws are the set of rules adopted by the representative assembly to govern its meetings or business. A bylaw amendment is submitted by a member, supported by at least 9 additional members, and presented at the annual RA. The proposed amendment must be submitted at least 90 days before the RA. There were no bylaw amendments submitted this year. 

What’s a new business item? 
A new business Item (NBI) is a statement or action requested by a member that is discussed and debated by the assembled delegates at the RA. An NBI may originate and be presented at the RA; if passed by the representative assembly, an NBI may require specific action by MSEA leaders, committees, or staff.