What We Do

Maryland educators and school employees are on the front line every day doing what they do best—educating, nurturing, and encouraging students in public schools in communities across the state. Their jobs are fulfilling—and demanding—with ever-changing school and student needs and professional expectations.

The Maryland State Education Association knows what it takes to keep public education strong. Our job is to create the best possible environment for you to do your job so you can create the great public schools that every child deserves. Maryland’s top rankings from Education Week, Newsweek, and the College Board confirm that MSEA and educators like you are making a difference.

MSEA represents educators in nearly every job category in public schools across Maryland. We help student educators jump start their careers, advocate for quality schools and professional respect for active educators and school employees, and work to protect pension benefits and maintain career connections for retired members.

We help you improve student achievement by pushing for school funding, small class sizes, better working conditions, quality professional development, fair, transparent evaluations, competitive salaries and benefits, and other keys to your success. MSEA led the successful fight for historic levels of school funding and for a range of policies that support student achievement and the work you do every day.

MSEA members also gain from being members of their local association, which negotiates professional-level salaries and benefits and improved working conditions with their school district, and our parent affiliate, the 3 million-member National Education Association (NEA)—the largest association in the country. NEA has played an instrumental role in protecting thousands of jobs in Maryland's public schools, while also advocating for smart, research-based federal education policies.

Your professional association advocates for members at the local, state, and national levels. You can be sure your interests as an educator are being heard by the right people in the right places.

  • Your local association negotiates your contracts and makes sure your employee rights are upheld.
  • MSEA provides lawyers, lobbyists, school quality, communications, and other specialists to support the needs of members and local associations.
  • NEA advocates for school funding and reforms in federal law and aids state associations, such as MSEA, through organizing, legislative, and financial support.