Recovery and the Light at the End of Tunnel

At a time when we’ve been trying to juggle so much and survive during a pandemic, it’s hard to find things to celebrate. But never forget, it’s you who should be celebrated for everything you do for students, families, and communities—and for all you’ve done during these most trying of times. Educators have been nothing short of heroic, in every community and in every job in our schools.

But there is more to celebrate and look forward to as we work together through the final stages of this pandemic and finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel—a different normal to be sure, but better. The recovery ahead is going to be made that much easier thanks to the hard work and coalition-building of educators. This work has enabled us to celebrate a once-in-a-generation investment in public education thanks to the General Assembly vote that made the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future law. We advocated in so many ways over many years to finally achieve the transformational funding and programs that invest in our students and profession. Our schools are now poised to deliver an equitable and top-quality public education for all Maryland students.

The Blueprint is a dynamic years-long pathway to improving education. The shorter-term investments in our schools from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan will help us all recover from the more immediate academic and social-emotional disruptions of the pandemic.

In these completely unprecedented times, you stepped up—just like you always do. Now, with these investments, help is finally on the way. Educators must continue to be part of the decision-making around implementation for this is the work that will truly transform our public schools and attract more educators to join us.

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