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Question 1 Wins More Votes than Anything Else on the Ballot

“Educators are thrilled that such an overwhelming number of Marylanders voted for increased funding for our public schools. The $500 million annually that Question 1 will add is the first step to closing the $2.9 billion annual funding gap that negatively impacts students, educators, and schools across the state. Keeping the promise on casino revenues was the easy part. To meet the commitments our students and schools deserve will take the continued support and activism of Marylanders to make sure that the Governor and legislature permanently closes this gap when the General Assembly convenes in January," said Baltimore County elementary school teacher and Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost.

Poll: Maryland Educators Facing Financial Strains

“Far too many educators are struggling to make ends meet. It’s clear that Maryland needs to do more for our teachers and school staff. Educators devote their lives to making a difference for every single child in their community, yet as a state we have allowed educators to become undervalued. The Kirwan Commission, legislators, and local officials must address this problem head-on so we can recruit and retain the talented and dedicated educators our kids need and deserve," said Baltimore County elementary teacher and MSEA President Cheryl Bost.